DISC is the best psychometric system

by Team Discover Assessment on 04/07/2018

In the world of psychometrics, there are many theories which have been propounded. The oldest among these are 16PF, MBTI, Big 5 and DISC.

16PF can be considered to be the original source for all psychometric systems. MBTI and Big 5 were both developed after 16PF.  However, all these tools have a crucial flaw. They force respondents to choose between extremities.

As an example, take the case of MBTI which would ask you to choose between being Introverted and Extroverted. It is akin to asking if one likes chocolates or pastries! Most of us would be a sublime mix of the two extreme cases, but in these three systems of psychometric assessment, the choice is stark and distant. There is no option of a nuanced answer which is what most of us truly are.

This is where DISC scores over the tools. It gives a choice of four options and asks the candidate to choose the option that most closely matches their personality and least closely matches their personality. In our simile, it is like being asked the following questions: “which dessert do you most like and least like: Chocolates, Ice Creams, Pastries, Pies.” In DISC, the candidate has to choose from a set of twenty four such options. This ensures that the candidate has a number of options to portray the true self.

Thus, DISC offers a more subtle variation of the personality. Therefore, the report that is generated is also a mix of the various styles of personality that an individual can display. This makes DISC a truly holistic psychometric system which can accurately predict an individual’s behaviour.

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